White Noise - Oleg Litvishko White Noise

Oleg Litvishko — White Noise

Sing me a song
Fetch me a dream
Stranger in white
Brother in arms

Hatred and love
Is what we have
Beautiful things
Easily lost

Change everything
Gender and race
Party and faith
Are just a myth

They’re diggin’ tunnels so long
Between the houses so high
Among the trenches so deep
So that we never can meet

Hold me as tight
As tight as you can
Help me to mend
Dangerous gaps

Political love
Foreplay and sex
Bodies combine
Kiss the police

Have I been talkin’ to you?
Have you been talkin’ to me?
Or maybe we’re just white noise
And all the stations are dead?

What I’ve been tryin’ to say
Is I have nothing to say
What I’ve been tryin’ to do
Is something I can’t explain
© Andrey Logutov
Posted by Oleg Litvishko on 12 Jun 2013 08:58 am