Sadness and Tears - Oleg Litvishko Sadness and Tears

Oleg Litvishko — Sadness and Tears

When the brothers killed the sisters
They rose and they put their bodies outside
They put blood in the springs
Put bones in the trees
Planted brains in this soil
That grows eyes in the dark
Put their souls in the rocks
That long for a kiss
And sink into numbness
As winter-time nears

Margaret, death
Emily, fear
Catherine, hunger
Sadness and tears

I was new in town
Desire and dread
Wrapped up in lights
I knew were my friends
Betrayed me the moment
I remembered I was
So tired
Nearly dead
My face touched the rock
My hands touched the blood
And I kissed my own shadow
That lay flat on the floor
And I said to myself,
They’ve come back for more.
© Andrey Logutov
Posted by Oleg Litvishko on 12 Jun 2013 09:00 am