Non-Positive Embroidery - Oleg Litvishko Non-Positive Embroidery
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Non-Positive Embroidery Oleg Litvishko
Blind Mother
Non-Positive Embroidery
Alternative & Experimental
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The water is running
We’re running along
A friendship of fingers
Does it have a song?

The notes we are seeking
Are right where we stand
But they are not speaking
They may need a...

I thought we were good
You said
The fingers are mute

‘Cause we are like water
We flow
And you were my Goddess
You know

Let’s call the beginning
An end
A friendship of fingers
Is not a hand
Lucifer Stereo
Let me live with this song
Left is right, right is wrong
Empty room radio.

Broken chairs on the lawn
Angry gods, gentle storms
Drop me down like a stone
Call it jail, call it home

Bangladesh, India
I don’t know where they are
Miles and miles, pole to pole
Something you can’t control

Life is dull, cut yourself
Drain it out of your cells
Lucifer Stereo,
Are you here anymore?
Sing me a song
Fetch me a dream
Stranger in white
Brother in arms

Hatred and love
Is what we have
Beautiful things
Easily lost

Change everything
Gender and race
Party and faith
Are just a myth

They’re diggin’ tunnels so long
Between the houses so high
Among the trenches so deep
So that we never can meet

Hold me as tight
As tight as you can
Help me to mend
Dangerous gaps

Political love
Foreplay and sex
Bodies combine
Kiss the police

Have I been talkin’ to you?
Have you been talkin’ to me?
Or maybe we’re just white noise
And all the stations are dead?

What I’ve been tryin’ to say
Is I have nothing to say
What I’ve been tryin’ to do
Is something I can’t explain
You’re a sweet girl
small as heaven is blue
‘cause the good god
set a limit on you

in the old days
when the planet was young
there were no names
there was hardly a song

take a ride girl
let your story be heard
see the big world
how it’s growing absurd

take your strange name
to the faraway lands
lose yourself there
someone will understand
It’s hard to be rain
It’s hard to fall down and stand up again
It’s hard to believe
Tell me how to survive, don’t tell me how to live

Can’t take it no more,
Feeling like a baby with no chance to be born
No arms and no legs, just a helpless mess lying flat on the tracks

But it’s easy to breathe if you’re made out of cracks
Easy to be loved and not to love back

It’s so easy to be a god
No one would survive if it was not
It’s so easy to exert power
Over those who you bring down
I need to find a Hitler
Can help me change my color
To white to black to golden
Alive to dead to statue

I want to be remembered
A victim is a hero
Injustice is a virtue
I need to find a Hitler
When the brothers killed the sisters
They rose and they put their bodies outside
They put blood in the springs
Put bones in the trees
Planted brains in this soil
That grows eyes in the dark
Put their souls in the rocks
That long for a kiss
And sink into numbness
As winter-time nears

Margaret, death
Emily, fear
Catherine, hunger
Sadness and tears

I was new in town
Desire and dread
Wrapped up in lights
I knew were my friends
Betrayed me the moment
I remembered I was
So tired
Nearly dead
My face touched the rock
My hands touched the blood
And I kissed my own shadow
That lay flat on the floor
And I said to myself,
They’ve come back for more.
Climb out of nowhere
Nobody there
And the things you’ve named
They are broken and stained
And a version of you
Is rising high
Higher than the walls
Of your mind
You don’t mind.
You don’t mind.
You don’t mind.
You don’t mind.

‘Cause you understand you are the night
and the city is speaking through you
the black intention is being born inside,
too quickly, too messy, too soon.

Dark and unclear
Nobody hears
And the houses of straw
Stand unfit for war
You wish you had guns
The moon was right
The sky spoke the truth
Nowhere to hide
You don’t mind
You don’t mind
You don’t mind
You don’t mind

‘Cause you understand it isn’t your choice
and the mountains ain’t going to start
singing in a different voice
and nothing is gonna sway your black corrupted gigantic heart.

And you say to yourself
You know you can’t help
You know you can’t help it
And you say to yourself
You know you can’t help
You know you can’t help it
And you say it’s alright
I don’t mind
I don’t mind.
Music - Oleg Litvishko
Lyrics - Andrey Logutov
Back vocal (2) - Sasha Rahman
Cover - Daria Litvishko
Oleg Litvishko has full rights to digitally distribute this content
Posted by Oleg Litvishko on 11 June 2013
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Спасибо за музыку ,Олег.Отличный альбом.Действительно альтернативный:)
17 Jun 2013 08:48 am